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CATV net addressable supervisory system
human spirit index:4032

Issues the date: 2006-4-14 human spirit index: 20 
The Chinese cable TV user scale has occupied the world first place, but collects fees difficult and the network security management question is restricting the cable TV development continuously.
This company promotes this kind suits the HFC bidirectional multi-purpose addressable supervisory system truly, has the band width, the two-way transmission, the control effect are good,
The power consumption is small, reliable higher characteristic, not only solves the unidirectional HFC net user to collect fees the difficult question, but also may use in the bidirectional HFC net multi-purpose
The monitoring management, in the next cable TV network promotion and in the expansion service increment service development, has avoided the investment wind which the building redundant project brings

Bidirectional intelligent branch divider performance characteristic:

Band width 5-1000MHz suits the HFC bidirectional network truly
Front end the two-way transmission not only can accept control command and so on the authorization, cancellation authorization, disturbance,Also can use
Household outlet authorized condition, outlet electricity mean after digital modulation by spot frequency feedback
The high-tech target 1000MHZ reflection loss is bigger than 16DB
Control effect automatic memory user outlet authorization condition,The power cut is  not affected
Power consumption small average each household 2-4 milliampere
The receive way selects the digital receive demodulation method,The data reliability is high
The anti-radar effect good abnormal voltage input can the automatic protection,Voltage recovery then normal work
The reliable high completely automatic pastes the piece craft production speed to be quick,The quality is high,The performance is stable

System hardware

- Front end control section -
Mainly has the multimedia computer,About number of lines according to modulation demodulation connection card (if needs the networking,Realizes the multi- spots charge also to need the net card,Long-distance communication connection
Card and so on).
- Signal assignment network -
Mainly has the power source insertion,Has flowed the branch divider and the bidirectional intelligent branch divider composition
System software

Operates the platform based on Chinese WINDOWS98,Collects fees the management system management system by the addressable user,CATV network management system,The user address reads in changes
Writes the software composition

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